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1. Recording

Wedgwood Studio records everything from soloists to many-piece bands in the studio, and has unlimited ability for overdubs – in the studio or at another location.

2. Mastering

We are putting more and more emphasis on mastering, since the results that are coming out of little Wedgwood Studio are big and beautiful – at least that’s what we hear.
Mastering is maybe as important as all the hours and hours of recording overdubbing and mixing combined. It can make or break a song.

Mastering your recordings

If a song is made at home nowadays it can be brilliant and sound fully professional, but without pro mastering it can easily get left out by the men with the power at radio stations and record companies – and not least the listeners.
Good mastering can really make you sit up and listen when you’re listening to the radio or scanning through iTunes to find something good the download.

Mastering material from other studios

If you choose to record another place we are ready to put the finishing touch on your product.
It’s important to have good communication with the other studio, and we have excellent relations with others, sometimes having the pleasure of getting involved in co-productions.

Michael has followed the mastering trends and uses tools that create a clear, transparent, and when necessary, powerful result.

3. Help with the music

Michael Wedgwood is very accomplished on a few instruments – bass guitar, keyboards, acoutic guitar and congas, and quite often makes all the music for customers who don’t play, or want extra musicians on their music. He has programmed a vast amount of music since his first efforts on a Mac in 1985.

Michael also has a lot of experience with arranging. He has arranged for, and conducted full orchestras in studios since 1971.

But Michael is not the only fish in the sea! We have access to many other arrangers who have experience, for example, in the world of musicals and theatre, hip-hop or big band, etc. etc.

3. Studio musicians

We have access to all the top studio session musicians, and our house band is a flexible unit made up of musicians who are some of the best in their field, and in most instances have played together so much that they can anticipate what the others are about to play! The result is a feel that can’t be beat.

Naturally the musicians have their fortés, so we can pick exactly the right ones for each job.

4. Live/Location recording

Location recording is an exciting process, and usually quite challenging.
Once the parameters have been set, we’ll come with the right gear to record – up to 24 tracks – just about anywhere any time. The more info we get before the day, the better the result will be.

We know the advantages of recording live – more atmosphere, and a kind of enthusiasm we might not get in the studio, and that lovely sound of applause! 
Location recording with no audience or an invited audience can also have lots of great pluses. More space to set up like one is used to, and a live atmosphere, but in a controlled environment where we always have the chance to do a second take if necessary. Or even hear a producer’s critical voice in the monitors between songs if necessary. Highly recommended!

Mixing takes place back at the studio.

5. Consultation

Michael can provide advice or hands-on help with live sound, recording, horn/string/anything arrangements, composition/music for adverts, TV, film, etc., and of course bass playing. Ring and we can talk about it. The first call’s free.