Recording is made with Mac computers, a 32 channel Mackie console,

outboard processors, (some tube), and a host of programmes and plug-ins.

D12-and-KeysThe studio has a large selection of microphones for every purpose, and we’re not averse to experimenting with new and old mic techniques to suit the particular job at hand.

There are drum and vocal booths, and as is most popular, we have the ability to have most of the musicians together in the control room to get that feel that (usually…) makes the music come alive.

We can accommodate bands, trios, duos and soloists. Or you can leave the music in the capable hands of Michael, with or without the pick of Denmark’s top studio musicians.


There is a house band that consists of a (flexible) combination of players and singers.

Some of the musicians’ names:

Eddi Jarl, Frank Thøgersen Claus Daugaard, Michael Wedgwood, Henrik Skriver, Peter Bødker, Ena Egelund.




”Michael has had experience with almost all types of productions, and, strangely enough, draws pleasure from very nearly all kinds of music.

His experience is unusually wide, since he started his musical career in Salisbury Cathedral choir, and went on to play progressive rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, and lately Irish and Scottish folk music, whilst still regularly playing good old loud rock!!

He has produced rappers in Alaska and music for Morris dancers in Denmark! And jingles and and theatre music and…..each time with interest and enthusiasm…..and rock all over the world!!”