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ABOUT TIME is Michael Wedgwood’s 3rd solo album

The new album is quite a departure from his previous work.
It’s much more acoustic, and some would say it falls into the category of “singer-songwriter”, since the focus is clearly on the songs.

His first solo album was Places like These, and since his second, Secret Document, he has recorded two albums and some singles with The Wedgwood Band.
The albums were Journey through Love and Thrive.

ABOUT TIME and Michael’s previous recordings can be found on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, among a host of other music sites.

The other musicians on the new album are:

Eddi Jarl
Henrik Skriver
Peter Bødker
Lars Schroeder


ABOUT Michael Wedgwood

Starting at the age of 16, Michael played with The Overlanders, and is featured on their singles “Unchained Melody” and “These are not my people”.
After a short stint with one-hit-wonder Arthur’s Mother (the hít was “On the dole”), he joined the Nicky James Band and played on the albums “Nicky James,” “Thunderthroat” and “Every Home Should Have One.” Justin Hayward and John Lodge of the Moody Blues were the producers. He is also featured on various tracks as orchestra arranger and conductor.

Michael joined the ground breaking band Curved Air in 1972, and toured all over Europe and the States with them, recording three albums on which he wrote and sang some of the songs.

Following his departure from Curved Air, Michael arranged and conducted a large studio orchestra for John Entwistle’s fourth solo project, “Mad Dog.”
Michael then worked with the Kiki Dee Band touring England. Much of the time this was as the support band for Elton John on his Yellow Brick Road tour.

He appeared on her single “Hard Luck Story,” produced by Elton John.

He then joined Caravan, and toured extensively, contributing to the albums “Cunning Stunts,” “BBC Live,” “Blind Dog At St. Dunstan’s,” “Songs for Oblivion Fishermen,” “The Show of Our Lives,” “Ether Way,” “Canterbury Tales,” and “Surprise Supplies” from a 1976 BBC Concert.

After his time in Caravan, Michael moved to the U.S.A., becoming involved in session work and doing some live performances in Los Angeles, Denver and Alaska. He helped to build and run the first 24-track studio in Alaska.

He moved back to England and put the finishing touches on his first solo album, “Places Like These” on Voiceprint Records.

Michael lives in Denmark, and runs Wedgwood Studio where among other projects he recorded and played on songs from Gordon Haskell’s album “Harry’s Bar”. He also released his own second solo album “Secret Document”.

He is now playing solo and duo concerts, and in a variety of bands including his own The Wedgwood Band. In 2008 they played at Skanderborg Festival.

Their album “Journey through love” and various singles have had some success on Danish radio, and their “Thrive” album is a return to ’70’s-style rock.

The Album “About Time” is Michael’s third solo album, most of which was recorded in just two days at Silkeborg Musik Theatre. It is a departure from the ’70’s sound, and the sound consists almost exclusively of Michael’s voice, grand piano, acoustic guitar, bass and drums.
It’s quite a personal album, with a lot of focus on the songwriting.


All Michael’s music is available on iTunes and Spotify, and a host of other digital sites.