The Mastering thing!


There is now a lot of emphasis on mastering, and the studio has acquired plug-ins and outboard equipment that mirror this trend.

With a combination of perhaps all of the Waves plug-ins, the whole suite of Slate processors, and units from IK Media, Lexicon, PSP, Sonnox, SPL, and many more, and an analogue desk that sounds divine, the mastering results from Wedgwood Studio are among the finest.

From classical, to church music and folk, and rock, blues, jazz, etc. etc, each genre requires an understanding technician to master the music in the special way it deserves.

The new norm for radio mastering has become loud, louder or loudest, and the loudest man 

wins!! This can’t be achieved by just turning up the big knob.


The louder it becomes, the more likely it is that there will appear ”artifacts” – argh! We don’t
want them. They create a type of distortion that nobody likes, but with experience and the right tools they can and will be avoided while still turning the big knob up.

We’re striving to create a transparent and articulate sound, whatever the criteria are. And succeeding.



”Michael has had experience with almost all types of productions, and, strangely enough, draws pleasure from very nearly all kinds of music.His experience is unusually wide, since he started his musical career in Salisbury Cathedral choir, and went on to play progressive rock, pop, jazz, blues, country, and lately Irish and Scottish folk music, whilst still regularly playing good old loud rock!!

He has produced rappers in Alaska and music for Morris dancers in Denmark! And jingles and theatre music and…..each time with interest and enthusiasm…..and rock all over the world!!”