Wedgwood Studio Rates


  • Hourly rate incl. engineer/producer: 320.00 DKK
  • Day Rate (7 hours): 2.100.00 DKK.
  • Hourly rate - including producer as musician/arranger: 400.00DKK

  • 1 track: 160.00 DKK
  • 4 track CD: 600.00 DKK
  • 10 to 14 track CD: 1.500.00 DKK
Wedgwood Studio Recording


  • Recording is made with Mac computers, a 32
  • channel Mackie console, outboard processors, (some tube).
  • and a host of programmes and plug-ins.

  • There are drum and vocal booths,
  • and as is the most popular, we have
  • the ability to have most of the musicians
  • in the control room to get that feel that
  • (usually...) makes the music come alive.
Wedgwood Studio


  • A full service professional recording facility.
  • located in Silkeborg, Denmark.
  • Wedgwood Studio records everything from soloists
  • to many-piece bands in the studio, and has unlimited ability
  • for overdubs, whether in the studio or at another location.

  • Recording is made with Mac computers, a 32 channel
  • Mackie console, outboard processors, (some tube), and a
  • host of programmes and plug-ins.
  • +45 2175 7840.

The Studio

  • Mastering (also high-level mastering for radio, YouTube etc.)
  • Multi-track recording
  • Location/Live recording
  • Consultation + more!


A full service professional recording and mastering facility located in Silkeborg, Denmark.

The studio has been in operation since 1999.

Recording is computer-based, with state-of-the-art analogue inputs, in the form of a 32 channel Mackie mixer and outboard preamps.

As well as all the functions one expects, some of our software processors are designed to reproduce – and perhaps improve on!? – the sound of classic analogue consoles and tape machines.

Michael Wedgwood is the owner and producer at Wedgwood Studio……

Michael (Mike) Wedgwood has…been involved in the production of over 300 albums and singles.
..worked in studios in the UK, USA and Denmark – with Elton John, John Entwistle (The Who ), members of the Moody Blues, Gordon Haskell
and many more!
..been voted number 2 bass player by “Melody Maker” (UK) in 1974.
..played countless concerts with, among others, Curved Air, Kiki Dee and Caravan.


STUDIO RATES: (prices are excluding VAT / Moms)  – Call for special rates for students


STUDIO TIME (applies also to mastering for an in-house project)

Hourly rate including engineer/producer

Day Rate (7 hours)

Hourly rate – including producer as musician/arranger

320.00 DKK

2.100.00 DKK

400.00 DKK


1 track

4 track CD

10 to 14 track CD

160.00 DKK

600.00 DKK

1.500.00 DKK

**24 hour speed mastering (when possible!) add 20%
**Files sent over a server are very welcome!




Travel costs are payed by the customer

Out of the studio, per day

+ Hourly rate

  1.200,00 DKK

as “Studio Time”


At Wedgwood Studio, or telephone consultation by appointment

Hourly rate                                        400,00 DKK
At your location                                price to be arranged